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We’re here to help you get the best deal, tailored to your individual needs.

McRobieAdams are an award-winning Mortgage Advice firm. Our customers have varied needs and we strive to meet those needs in the following ways.

We advise on the best way to raise finance and insure the debt against unforeseen events. This ensures as far as possible, that our clients do not lose their own home.

We live in a changing world. Finance and financial products are in a constant state of evolution. It is absolutely crucial that we keep pace with this environment and provide the best service we can, in the most cost effective way, to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Our clients recognise the service we give, and through their ratings of our service, have helped us achieve recognition at the ESTAS awards, where we have won significant awards in each year that we have entered.

We believe it is our responsibility to make buying a home as straightforward as possible.

So, wherever we can, we manage the relationships with the lender (the Mortgage company), the conveyancer (the Solicitor), and the insurer (if you choose, for example, to insure your Mortgage payments). This then gives us the best opportunity to ensure that this often complex journey runs as smoothly as possible.

Award Winning

We’ve won ESTAS awards for the past 4 years

Impartial Advice

We have access to the whole market (90+ lenders)​

The Best Deal

We work hard to get you the best value

FCA Regulated

Authorised and regulated to standard

Our History

A note from Kevin McRobie, Director

I launched the business in 2015, with a vision to provide excellent customer service.

Having spent many years in the Financial Services industry, starting at the bottom and working my way up, it was clear to me that customers are still not getting the customer service they deserve.

In a competitive market, often the first thing companies lose is the dedication to the individual; too often a ‘one size fits all’ approach is taken.

Each client has unique requirements and so to receive the best value for money, tailored advice is essential – not optional. It is equally important that clients understand their situation, and what their individual options are. We believe in transparency, including process as well as cost. This is why we will take the time to explain what the costs are, and also what the transaction process is.

Meeting clients for the first time and helping them through the initial purchase process is only the beginning of the journey: we aim to help our clients for the lifetime of their mortgage. The financial product industry changes constantly, the best available deal also changes constantly.

We therefore keep in touch with our clients, to make sure they take advantage of the best deals – not just for the first few years, but for the 20 years or so that they have a mortgage.

Kevin Mcrobie

Buying a mortgage is a big deal. Getting the wrong product can be expensive, and the consequences of mistakes can last a long time. We offer a service for a lifetime, not just for today.

We are a highly experienced team of professionals, with an in-depth knowledge of the Financial Services industry stretching back more than 25 years. Equally, we are well connected with industry matters and always have an eye on the future. We use this past experience and knowledge to help our clients decide which is the best product(s) for them.

The thing that differentiates us is our service. We believe in communicating with clients clearly, and in keeping in touch. The best product, offering the right combination of product features, and best value for money, changes over time. We continue to offer up to date information about what that best product might be.

Trust,  Choice,  Fairness.

We believe in dealing with people fairly, with integrity, and transparently. We put our clients in the position to make a judgement about what is the best product for them. We will use our experience and knowledge to offer clients advice on the best options, including referring on to other professionals

It is important to us that we have like-minded people within our business. We all need to reflect our values: trust, choice, fairness.

Our advisors have a wealth of experience, with some of us having worked in the industry for over 30 years. The value of years of experience cannot be overstated: every circumstance is unique, but knowledge and experience guide us through complex and difficult cases. Sometimes the process goes awry: knowledge and experience helps us get things on the right track.

We are based in a range of convenient locations throughout Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Bristol.

Our Awards

The ESTAS awards are for Property Professionals, and it is the only platform where the recognition is voted-for by customers, the end users.

For this award, independently from us, feedback is gained directly from our clients. This is verified independently by the ESTAS team, and Benchmarked against other organisations similar to us. We feel it provides a fair measure of the service we provide.

We have been recognised in each of the 3 years we have entered (2017, 2018 and 2019). Competition is stiff! Many of the organisations we are competing with are much larger than us, with a larger customer base to give feedback. We won Sliver in 2017, 2018 and 2019 for the Southern region, and Bronze Nationally in 2018.

We are all particularly proud of this achievement as we feel that getting this kind of feedback from customers validates our approach and our customer-focussed approach.

This recognition demonstrates that our clients feel they are gaining a top tier service when making one the most important financial decisions they have to make. For our Professional contacts it emphasises the standard of service we are providing.

It’s always great to see your business up in lights!

ESTAS 2019

Social Responsibility

We have a business relationship with Andrews Property Group, whose founder is Cecil Jackson-Cole. Cecil founded globally renowned charities such as Age UK and Oxfam. 

For Jackson-Cole, the purpose of his business was to fund his charitable initiatives, which aimed to tackle poverty and housing issues on both a national and global scale.

Part of his legacy was to leave the main shareholder of Andrews Property Group as The Christian Book Promotion Trust, known as Speaking Volumes and, our main shareholder, Andrews Charitable Trust. 

Due to our relationship with Andrews Property Group, we help contribute to their charities.