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So, you’ve found the perfect pad for your next step in life? Now you need to arrange the mortgage. Let the experts at McRobieAdams help you through this exciting time.

Why choose McRobieAdams?

We value customer service and are here to make sure the process of buying and selling is as smooth as possible. We take a proactive approach to managing the process – so we are in regular contact with estate agents, solicitors, lenders and yourselves to keep things moving.

At the same time, we follow our clients through life’s changes, and work hard to offer the deal that suits your needs as they change. Perhaps you’re moving because your family has expanded? Or are you looking to downsize? Do you need to protect your income? Would a different mortgage product suit you better?

Our advisers have a breadth and depth of experience to offer best advice for your personal circumstances, both now and in the future.

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Our Fees

We don’t charge for our advice. Instead, we simply charge a fee for processing your mortgage application. Our typical fee is £500, however the actual fee will depend on your circumstances. The total fee shall not exceed 1.5% of the amount of your mortgage.

We will also receive commission from the lender in addition to the fees you pay. We can provide you with information on the levels of commission payable by the lenders on request. These fees are subject to the terms and conditions of your signed fee agreement

Our Process

  1. Finding out about you and your needs

Our aim is to find out about you, your current situation, the type and cost of the property you would like to buy or remortgage. This will help assess your circumstances and show the best way to proceed.
  1. Searching for the best products

Once we fully understand your personal and financial situation, we search the whole of the mortgage market (with the exception of bridging loans), to find the right one to suit best your needs.

  1. Presenting you with the solutions

Once we’re happy that we have the right solution for your needs, we’ll present this to you in an easy to understand document, and we will answer any questions that you may have before proceeding.

Moving Home Mortgage Advice

When you move home there are a number of options with regard to your mortgage. Moving home is a good point to review your mortgage and protection (e.g. insurance) needs. You may want to borrow more, or borrow less.

You may want to change your lender, or the deal you have, or the type of mortgage product you have.

These are all good reasons to speak to your McRobieAdams mortgage advisor who will be able to help you get a deal which suits your needs. To find out more, speak to a McRobieAdams adviser

Moving House Mortgage FAQs

We answer your most frequently asked questions about moving house. For more information, why not speak to one of our friendly advisers?

Typically, moving home means that you terminate the loan arrangement you currently have, you pay off the debt you owe, and you start a new loan with your new home.

You may have made some money on your existing home and thus have a bigger deposit to put against your new home.

Your new home might cost more than the existing one and so you might want to borrow more. Or, you might be moving into a smaller home that costs less, and so your loan will be smaller. Whatever your individual circumstances, we’re here to help.

Many mortgages are portable – this means you can keep the mortgage when you move home. You need to check to see if this applies to your mortgage, your advisor will be able to help you with this.

If your mortgage is portable, then you need to check that the lender will allow you to borrow against your new home once you have found it.

Remember – your loan is guaranteed against that specific property, so the lender will have a say in lending you the money.

It may be that your current lender is still offering the best deal for you, and in that case staying with them would be a good idea. It may be though, that your needs have changed, and another lender may offer you a product that better suits your needs.

This might be reflected in your monthly payments, or that the lender prefers to lend against the type of property you are buying, or you may prefer some other aspect of the deal. Here your adviser will be knowledgeable about the deals that best suit you from a wide range of providers.

This will depend on your income and the deposit you have for your new home.

Your McRobieAdams adviser will be best placed to discuss your current needs and offer best advice.

It may be that your new home costs less than the value of the one you currently own, or that you are using some of the capital released by moving, to pay off some of the loan. In this case you will be borrowing less.

You need to check with your lender, they may view this as an early repayment which may attract fees.

Moving home is an opportunity to review your current arrangement, and assess whether your needs have changed. It may be that a different type of mortgage product will suit you better.

Your McRobieAdams advisor will be in the best position to advise you based on your circumstances.

This will depend on your circumstances. You need to consider how much it will cost to sell your current home (e.g. Estate Agency fees, EPC reports), and how much is will cost to purchase your new home (e.g. stamp duty, survey and conveyancing fees, valuation fees etc), and then of course there are the costs of removals and redirecting your post.

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